Spamming – Repeatedly using a command, sending messages too frequently, or very long messages intended to fill up the chat box.
Advertising – Advertising another Minecraft server, by sending their IP, Discord, or website.
Abusive Behavior – Belittling or harassing another player on the server.
Impersonation – Impersonating a member of staff.
Racism – Being genuinely intolerant or hateful towards someone because of their race.
Scamming – Scamming other players or staff.
Extremely Explicit Conversations – Does not apply to bringing up an explicit topics, making an explicit joke or using an explicit word, etc. This rule apples to extreme explicitness, such as very explicit roleplay.
Account Phishing – Attempting to steal someone else’s Minecraft account.
Begging – Asking for free items is fine, however constant begging will not be tolerated.


AFK Skilling – “AFK” skilling is allowed (except where stated otherwise), though you must be responsive to checks, not actually being AFK.
AFK Fishing – Any machine or contraption that allows one to be AFK while fishing it not allowed.
Alt Accounts – One alt account is allowed per user, this means you can play with only TWO accounts.
Lagging the Server – This can be done with large redstone contraptions, falling objects, etc.
Inappropriate Builds – This includes builds that a racist, offensive, or explicit.
Griefing – This is defined as breaking another player’s placed blocks, destroying their area, or damaging clearly owned animals/mobs.
Stealing – Stealing from other players.
Illegal PKing – Killing another player by bypassing the PVP filter (lava, potions, etc).)
Resources – It is against the rules to deface the main world without a valid reason (building, etc). This includes but is not limited to, mass deforestation, mass excavation. This rule extends to the Infinite Realm, where NO RESOURCES should be gathered other than those from underground. Infinite Realm terrain should only be disrupted for the purpose of building.
Traps – Devices or contraptions intended to injure other players.
0tick farms – Zero tick contraptions are strictly forbidden.


End – Claiming the End’s main island is forbidden (anywhere else in the end is fine)
Anti-AFK – Any contraption designed to bypass the idle kick is forbidden.
Lottery – Lottery tickets are limited to 50 per person.
Claims – Do not build within 150 blocks of another player’s claim without their permission.

Hacking” – Having a modified client or resource pack that gives you an obvious advantage over others (xray, fullbright, etc))
Offensive Usernames/Skins
Responsibility to report – All players and staff are required to report any exploit or significant bug that they find on the server (can be done via discord)