Looking for a friendly Minecraft Survival Server?

Infinite Survival is a friendly, community based economy-survival Minecraft server with a focus on content and community. Scroll down for more details on the server, or join now using the IP: survival.infinites.me

A Minecraft server that puts the community first.

Since day one of Infinite Survival, a friendly, thriving community has been the number one goal. After almost two years of running, the servers community has matured into a welcoming haven for new crafters and experts alike. While we are a community-economy survival server, we also have a diverse range of content for you to explore, some of what you can expect is listed below.

Some of our features...

On Infinite Survival, there are two sub-servers; Blue Server, and Green Server. Both servers are identical, and even share the same community and chat, the only difference is the game difficulty!

On Blue Server, which is Hard difficulty, there are two worlds. The first – our main world, which has default generation and Dynmap coverage, this world is a circle with a 90,000 block diameter. The second world is generated using a custom generator, and is more suited to those who care about build aesthetics more than resource gathering ease, this world also has Dynmap coverage and is a circle with a diameter of 50,000 blocks.

The server offers an extensive ranking system that offers unique perks, more homes, and more jobs. Jobs are the main way of earning income on the server, paired with player-shops and the admin-shop. There also more minor economy related features, such as a lotteryauction house, mob/ore dropped coinsvote rewardscratesCluescroll rewards, and Mob Arenas.

Some other features to note are McMMONo Phantom SpawnsSilk Spawners, Locks, Land Claims and Bosses.

With all of that in mind, if you’d like to give us a try, join the server using the IP below.

IP: survival.infinites.me